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CryptoMiner Pro®

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What This App is All About?

CryptoMiner PRO® is an Android App that gives the user power and ability to mine BitCoins from your Android Phone and iPhone as well. This App uses the most powerful BitCoin mining engines like AST 5.40 along with the most recent algorithms like SHA-256, Scrypt, X11, Ethereum, and Zcash.

How CryptoMiner Pro® works?

Just like any other App, user can download CryptoMiner PRO® on its Android Phone or iPhone. After installing this App, simply click ‘few buttons’ and start BitCoin mining right from your Android Phone/iPhone.

You need no technical skills in order to mine BitCoins from your phone. Just install CryptoMiner PRO® on your phone and click ‘Mining’ icon. It works in the background silently alongwith other Apps.

How Much Resources are Required?

CryptoMiner PRO® uses very small amount of CPU and RAM in order to run and the space required (after installation) is just around 40MB. By default it uses 3 Threads with AST 5.40 Powerful Engine. The settings are chosen after verifying your phone resources, automatically by the App.


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How to start mining BTC using CryptoMiner Pro?

After installing CryptoMiner PRO® on your phone, it automatically selects best settings according to your phone hardware and internet connection speed like no. of threads, engine to be used and server available. 

Thereafter, you just need to click ‘Mining’ icon which is available on the ribbon just at the bottom of the App. As soon as you click ‘Mining’ icon it will start mining BitCoins through its most latest engine like AST 5.40 configuring with cutting edge algorithms like SHA-256 and Scrypt, Ethereum.

How many BitCoins can it mine?

The power of any Software, App or Mining software actually depends upon the hardware and the internet connection speed. We have tested that at the latest Android Phones/iPhones you can get around 2 BitCoins in one year and worth of two BitCoins is around $22000. So at an average, you get $70-$80 worth BitCoins (BTC) a day. 

Even being on a slower phone and having a slow internet connection like 2G one can expect minimum $40-$45 a day easily with CryptoMiner PRO®

How can one withdraw BTC mined?

CryptoMiner Pro® gives you easy option to withdraw the BTC mined. It shows the equivalent amount of BTC in USD and tell you the exact amount that you’ve earned in real time.

You just need to click on ‘Withdraw’ icon/button available on the interface. On the next screen, enter your BTC wallet address (be careful) and then click ‘Withdraw’ button again and the amount will be sent to your BTC wallet immediately and automatically.

Do I have to contact anyone for withdrawal?

No, not at all. Everything in CryptoMiner Pro is completely automatic. From mining – > withdrawal, there is no human intervention and you won’t have to depend upon anyone. Everything is automatic and instant.


How much is the minimum amount that can I withdraw?

CryptoMiner PRO® puts no restriction on the amount of withdrawal. You can withdraw even $1, $2 or $10 or even all of your amount that you’ve earned or any amount of BTC that you’ve mined.

You just need to click ‘Withdraw’ and then put your BTC wallet address on next screen and you will see the amount transferred to your wallet address.

Thereafter, it depends on blockchain or on your wallet network, how quickly they clear the transaction and show the amount into your wallet. It has been seen that a withdraw takes about 30 minutes to appear in your BTC wallet.

Is there any withdrawal fee?

No fee is charged by CryptoMiner PRO®, but BTC network charges fee with every transaction, so CryptoMiner will automatically deduct network fee like $1 or $2 from your account and you will get FULL amount at the other end.

We have mapped BTCkick Accounts with CryptoMiner Pro!!

This is another great feature of CryptoMiner PRO® that if you enter your same email that you used while registering on BTCkick.com, then it will automatically fetch your BTCKick details in your CryptoMiner PRO® profile and will display them in the App, because we have mapped the servers of BTCKick with CryptoMiner PRO®.

That means, can I withdraw my BTCKick earnings immediately?

Definitely, the process of withdraw from your BTCkick.com account was manual earlier and it was taking a lot of time for the users to see their earnings, but with the launch of CryptoMiner PRO®, now you can withdraw your BTCkick.com earnings immediately and instantly without requesting anyone for it.

Please make sure that email at BTCkick.com and the email you used at CryptoMiner Pro should be the same.

Who is Behind CryptoMiner Pro?

William Jones
Project Manager 

Emma Anderson
Programmer & Mining Expert 

James Davis
Server & Coding Expert

Noah Smith
Binary Expert 

Andrew Johnson
Network Security Incharge

Sandra Mitchell
Customer Relationship Manager


Do you know, HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE are making money through this App? Click here to JOIN our Telegram Channel & See LIVE reviews NOW!

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Still Have Queries?

Click here to download our FREE ‘User Manual’ to know how this app mines BitCoins and how you can make money from this “Life-Changing” App. 

In case you still have queries related to CryptoMiner Pro, please talk to our Customer Relationship Manager – Sandra Mitchell at Telegram: – > @smcrm