Read the following carefully to Activate your copy of “CryptoMiner PRO®”

Sandra Mitchell
Customer Relationship Manager

Hello, Welcome to our website!!
Here you will know how to get the License Key of your copy of CryptoMiner PRO. Please read information given below carefully. If you’ve not yet joined our Telegram channel, then join it by clicking here–>> You will see Hundreds of testimonials from our customers who are making huge money daily by mining through our app – CryptoMiner Pro. After joining our Telegram channel and reading reviews from customers, please read below information:

1. At present we have appointed only ONE authorized sales persons i.e. Sandra Mitchell – > @smcrm (Telegram Handle)  who sells the app exclusively on Telegram You can meet her by joining our Telegram Channel — >> @btcpro

2. If you’ve bought the app from our authorized sales person (i.e. Sandra Mitchell), then you will get the license key from her along with the app and you don’t need to pay for the license key at all BUT if you’ve bought this app from a “SCAMMER” online, then we can NOT give you a license for that (no exceptions). We understand that you might have paid money to a ‘SCAMMER’ and you don’t have a license key and now you are stuck at withdrawing money but you can not do that without buying GENUINE VERSION of app and License key from us

So, if you want to get GENUINE License Key, then you can contact Sandra Mitchell at Telegram. –> @smcrm ! We will NOT let you lose your already mined BitCoins. Genuine version of app will OVERWRITE the existing one and your earning will NOT be lost!

4. Now, if you really want to make money from your Android Phone, then you can contact our authorised sales person @smcrm to give you a GENUINE app and license key for just $49You can install this app over the already existing version on your phone, you will NOT lose any money at all. You can continue mining and withdraw your bitcoin earnings immediately!!

Special NoteWe have a SERIOUS community of miners at our telegram channel –>> @btcpro who want to make SERIOUS money by mining BitCoins!! We deal ONLY with SERIOUS BitCoin Miners and ‘Business-Minded’ people! 

Please do NOT contact if you:
– are not serious about making money;
– have no money to buy the app or the license;
– want to buy the license key only (because a scammer sold you the app already)
– want to pay after withdrawal! 

We charge the money upfront (i.e. in advance), so don’t contact if you don’t have money or you want to ‘Test’ whether it works or not! If you think, the app won’t work, then simply don’t buy! You can join our channel @btcpro and can check hundreds of reviews already.

We sell ONLY GENUINE version of app with license key.

We do NOT attend such customers who:
– who want to get it free;
– who want to bargain;
– who want to ‘test’ the app and then pay;
– who want to withdraw first and then pay.

So, if you are one from them, please do not contact and save your time and ours as well. 

How to get Genuine Version of App and License Key?
If you want to get GENUINE version of App and License Key then contact our sales representative Sandra Mitchell at Telegram handle –> @smcrm As soon as you contact her, she will give you
GENUINE App and license key  by charging just $49. You can pay via BitCoins. Thereafter, you can activate your App and withdraw all the BitCoins that you’ve earned into your BTC wallet. You can transfer your earnings into ANY wallet of your choice e.g. Coinbase, Blockchain, Trust Wallet, LUNO or any other wallet.

All the best! Happy mining 🙂

Our Sales Person – >> Sandra Mitchell at Telegram @smcrm
See hundreds of reviews about this app on our Telegram channel –>> @btcpro