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CryptoMiner Pro Traffic Partner Program

Hello, We, Stellar Technologies, welcome you in our "CryptoMiner Traffic Partner Program". If you've traffic generation skills, then you MUST join this program. By joining this program, you can make huge money through your Traffic Generating Skills by simply copying/pasting your referral link on social media sites. If you know how to get traffic from Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites, this is the BEST program for you.

What is "Cryptominer Pro Traffic Partner Program"?

Here we are providing “Complete Details” about our “Cryptominer Traffic Partner Program” where everyone can make money with very small effort. As you know that we sell BitCoin Mining App – CryptoMiner PRO® at our website https://cryptominerapp.com The more traffic to this website mean more sales for us. We can easily buy traffic from big companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter etc. and can sell our app without much hassle but instead of giving money to big companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter etc. we want to give that money to our Telegram Channel Subscribers for their traffic generating skills. In short, we want to give our Telegram channel @trafficpartners subscribers an opportunity to work with us and earn money. 

That’s why we launched our earning program -“CryptoMiner Traffic Partner Program (CTPP)” (with automated payments)! 

Steps to Make Money Through This Traffic Partner Program

Step 1: Simply visit https://cryptominerapp.com/tp/earn/index.php and Sign up for the program.

Step 2: After signing up, login to your account and you will see your “Private Referral Link” in a Pink Color Text Box. This referral link will redirect to our https://cryptominerapp.com

Step 3: Share your Private Referral link on social media like WhatsApp, Telegram groups/channels,  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn etc.

Step 4: You will earn $0.05 for every visit to our website through your Referral Link.

Step 5: As soon as you earn $20 (just 400 visitors) you can withdraw it to your BitCoin wallet. Target of 400 visitors can easily be achieved in just 24 hours, if you post on FB groups and pages. We provide a huge list of very active FB groups and pages to share your referral link. You can also post your link on any other sites like Instagram and Twitter or on WhatsApp and Telegram as well.

Step 6: As soon as you reach $20, click ‘Withdraw Now’ button and enter your BitCoin wallet address and you will receive payment within 30 minutes to 1 hour (depending upon BitCoin network).

Features of this program:

1. Unique & Private Referral link per user to send traffic to our website.
2. Completely AUTOMATIC Payments (no need to request anyone, no need to send email)
3. Instant payout on reaching $20 (complete AUTOMATIC payment, change wallet anytime)
4. As soon as you reach $20, enter your BTC wallet and money will be there in your wallet, automatically.
5. Earn everytime, when someone visits our website through your link.
6. Your job is just to send visitors to our website, everything will be counted in our database. We will calculate your earnings and all of your earnings will be sent to your wallet.
7. You will get payment to your wallet, completely AUTOMATIC!! The withdrawal is immediate and automatic and you won't have to request anyone about your withdrawal. Simply enter your wallet address there and you will get money to your wallet, immediately!

How to join?
Joining this program is really simple. This amazing program can be joined in just 2 minutes. So, if you want to be the part of this program and want to make money, then complete these simple steps and you will be inside the platform within 2 minutes (Automatic Approval).

Program Joining Link :-> https://cryptominerapp.com/tp/earn/index.php

Terms & Conditions:-> https://cryptominerapp.com/tp/earn/terms.php

Tips to get immediate traffic (MUST READ):-> https://cryptominerapp.com/tp/earn/tips.php

List of FB Pages & Groups to post referral link:--> https://cryptominerapp.com/tp/dl/fb-groups-huge-list.pdf

For any doubts, queries or problems please contact Sandra Mitchell (Customer Relationship Manager) :--> @smcrm (Telegram Link)

Sign up immediately, use your phone and Start Making Money NOW!!