Terms & Conditions (< Go Back)

1. The payout rate is best in the industry. You will get $0.05 per Visit. Generally, companies pay $0.01 per visit, but we are paying FIVE times. Payout will be done when you earn $20 (400 visitors). So, minimum threshold will be $20. Sending 400 visitors is VERY easy via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram etc. and it can be achieved even in just 24 hours.

2. It is your duty to keep your account password protected. The payment will be sent to the BTC wallet, that you enter at the time of 'each withdrawal'. You can choose different BTC wallet everytime. If your earning is more than $20 e.g. $24, then you can withdraw $20 at one time, but your $4 will be available as balance in your account. You can withdraw them again, when you reach at $20.

3. The payment will be only for Unique visits, not for the repeat visits. If the same visitor visits our page again and again, you won't get payment for that visitor.

4. Use of Fake softwares/Fake clicks generators/cheap PPC is prohibited and you won't get any payment for that.

5. In case you want to advertise your link via PPC and PPV platforms then only Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Telegram channels and groups and WhatsApp groups can be used.

6. Use of cheap PPC sites like Neobux, Bux.to, EasyHits4u, Coinpayu.com, moremoney.io, pagerankcafe, dogeclick, ClickbeeAds etc., Clickbee Bot (just an example) or any other Telegram bots where people earn money to view ads is also not allowed. Any sites that offer a visitor a timer to view advertisement for money is not allowed.

7. Use of VPN, Proxies, Fake hit softwares is not allowed.

8. Use of traffic exchange sites not allowed to bring visitors.

What is Allowed?

1. Post your message and link as WhatsApp status or forward as WhatsApp message in different WhatsApp groups. It is allowed.
2. Posting on FB groups, FB pages, on your FB profiles etc. is allowed.
3. Posting on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn groups, pages and profiles is allowed.
4. Posting on ANY social media website is ALLOWED.
5. Advertising on WhatsApp TV, Telegram channel and Groups is ALLOWED.

Special: People from these countries are NOT allowed to join the program. If they join, the payment will NOT be made to them: Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, SriLanka, Pakistan, China.

The terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.